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Who Is Javin Daniels?

Javin Daniels is a real estate broker, CEO, and founder of Daniels Real Estate Group., a vertically-integrated mega brokerage comprising of residential sales, education, new development, and investing platform. 

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The first step you’ll want to take towards buying your home is to get in touch with a realtor. I love to work with First Time Home Buyers here in the City of Charlotte and would be more than willing to sit down and answer any questions you have on the process!


The first time selling your home can be scary but a professional always makes the process easier. During the consultation, you will learn the value of your home, market conditions in your area, suggestions for any improvements needed to sell your home quicker than the competition, as well as any improvements necessary to pass a buyer’s home inspection.  


If you're ready to start growing your real estate portfolio today, there's a lot that you have to learn. However don't be overwhelmed or feel like you have to do it all yourself. As part of the consultation I will walk you through how to get started and whether or not you want to leap into real estate investing.

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“Javin told me that first home buyers are high niche and I'm so glad I chose him to guide me through my experience. Responsive, personable and honest. Not just interested in the commission but in finding the right fit for you.”

-Tamara King

"Javin did a great job for me. He has a high volume of buyers and sold my house in less than 30 days. His operation is also able to help source tenants and do property management thanks for the great work Javin"


-Brain Sindell



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (704)-804-3033 or fill out the following form

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615 S. College St 10th Floor

Charlotte NC 28202

Tel: B:(704)-804-3033


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